Honoree Spotlight Series

The 2017 Silver Apple Awards is fast approaching and the Honorees have been announced! Over the next few weeks we will highlight each honoree here as a countdown to the event.

Congratulations to Fran Green
A 2017 Silver Apple Honoree

Fran Green, a 35+ year veteran of the Data Marketing industry, spearheads ALC’s audience development and insights division, responsible for its branded signature products, their applications and omni-channel applications. She is also a member of ALC’s Board of Directors.   Her expertise in Data Monetization, offline-online integration and marketing solutions has expanded the range and scope of services that ALC provides to savvy marketers.

In her previous role as President of ALC Data Management, she grew the division into an industry leader, attracting a vast array of blue chip clients from every market including retail/eCommerce, nonprofits, financial services, travel and B2B.

Fran developed the ALC “For Brokers Only” luncheon, now in its 23rd year, which is the only event focused on the important role of data brokers.  In acknowledgement of the changing data landscape and expanded field of data professionals, she transformed the event in 2017 to “Smart Data Only,” attracting innovative leaders from both offline and digital channels.

She is an active participant in industry organizations, as well as being a frequent writer, speaker, and moderator. She was named the 2007 DMA List Leader of the Year, founded the Data Innovators Group and has mentored many of the best and brightest in the industry today.

Fran holds a BA degree from Hofstra University and, prior to entering the field of data marketing, was a social worker, employed by a state-run agency that helps parolees re-enter society.  She enjoys vegetable gardening, world travel and hiking—especially in the beautiful US National Parks.

Join us as we honor Fran Green and all the 2017 Silver Apples Honorees onThursday, November 16Register here.

Getting to Know Fran Green:

1. What is your favorite quote or motto? “It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.”  This is something I say all the time and have challenged myself to practice.  The learning experience and sense of accomplishment from taking the reins and doing what you believe in is invaluable.  If you wait for someone else to tell you it’s ok, that sense will be greatly diminished, plus you may miss the window of opportunity.  Sure, there’s risk involved, but if you’re not making a few mistakes you’re not moving forward. By taking decisive action, you’ll learn, grow and become a more confident and competent person.

2. Who was an important mentor to you? There are many people from whom I have learned tremendous lessons about business and life, but two stand out.  The first is Helen Letica, the founder of Zeller & Letica and my first employer in the data industry. She was one tough cookie (as anyone who knew her would attest) and she taught me to be harder on myself than anyone else could be.  That instilled in me a sense of drive and a can-do attitude.   She also opened me up to the world of data and taught me about running a business.  Helen was a true pioneer- a woman who founded and ran a successful company in a male-dominated world.  The second is my mother.  She showed me the power and value of grace, empathy and resilience.  She was also an ALC employee for 25 years and served as an exemplary role model, with an incredible work ethic, team spirit and sense of humor.

3. How do you keep work/life balance? I balance the intensity and mental challenges of work with things that are both physical and expand my horizons.  A few of my favorite activities are vegetable gardening, hiking and travel.  All allow me to broaden my exposure to new worlds, whether under the ground, atop a mountain or across the globe.  And I truly believe they enhance my creativity and productivity at work. 

4. If you had a theme song, what would it be? “Lust for Life” by Iggy Pop.  ‘Nuf said!

5. In one word, describe yourself. This was a really hard one so I asked some of my friends to help.  They came up with “Dragonacular.”  My Chinese zodiac sign is a dragon.  Those born in a dragon year prefer to live by their own rules and if left on their own, are usually successful. They’re driven, unafraid of challenges, and willing to take risks. They’re passionate in all they do and they do things in grand fashion.  That does a good job summing up how I try to live. 

NEW THIS YEAR: Recognize Fran Green, 2017 Silver Apple Honoree, with our new featured program page “Salute the Honorees!” Your congratulatory quote will be added to the event program for Fran to have as a keepsake from the evening. Your quote will be featured in up to 50 words followed by your name and company.

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