Trish Rubin, MA/MPA stands at the intersection of business and education guiding the conversation and work of leaders around the topic of workplace readiness for the next generation in our new media age using the power of brand. In yet another must attend events brought to you from the DMCNY.

Here’s what you will get from attending

  1. Find how the familiar concept of Brand is rapidly changing in our Internet driven world.
  2. See how to keep pace with Brand change using “Classic” tools in the buzz of a 24/7 digital era.
  3. Know how classic and innovative relationship strategies bring a multi-gen workplace together to build Brand awareness in the noise of social media.

Be inspired to try your own future ready “Brand Classic” approach guided by today’s trends for “everything old is new again” by energized author, brand consultant, Baruch College Marketing instructor and EOC mentor, Trish Rubin, whose own bold move to refresh a  well-known “classic,’ organization, the  K-12 education system has won the praise of nationally known business experts like Brian Solis and the attention of over 100k followers from Denver to Dubai awaiting the release of BrandED her book with international digital thought leader, Eric Sheninger.

Understand how “Classics”, like resetting consumer tastes for Nokia phones, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, lite beer and station wagons is helping brands refresh themselves and innovate business relationships in 2017– and beyond.

See how new brand trends and players like the New DAVIDS and the savvy HENRY’s create an optimistic near future that unites consumers from Gen Z to Baby Boomers by keeping an eye on the past that will sustain a  brand in the ever-changing the future.

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