60 Minutes on "Data Brokers"

60 Minutes on "Data Brokers"


2014, March

No doubt, you watched or have read about the 60 Minutes feature on Sunday, March 9 on what the show called Data Brokers. They were referring to data compilers, list companies and marketers.  This is a looming privacy issue and members need to be informed.  We want to share links to the show and commentary from the DMA and others.

60 Minutes Feature on Data Brokers

60 Minutes Overtime on Data Brokers - 3 additional videos

Some commentary from the industry:

Linda Wooley, CEO, DMA blog post "Stand Up For Responsible Data Driven Marketing".  In it she says: The media are taking their cue from Congress and the FTC, who are ferociously bent on regulating our industry.  Linda calls for your participation.  

Thorin Magee, Editor-in-Chief, Target Marketing Magazine covers this - and the headline says it all.  "60 Minutes' Skewers Marketers Over Data Collection".

Ken Magill, founder of The Magill Report gives a no holds barred commentary in "60 Minutes' Credo: Talk to DC Bureaucrats, Regurgitate"

eM+C Daily included a post from Stephanie Miller at the DMA in "60 Minutes Segment Unnecessarily Frightens Consumers, DMA Contends"