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Postings is the DMCNY's print quarterly newsletter sent to all members. Formerly known as PROOF, it contains up-to-the-minute news on what's happening in your Club, plus feature articles on direct marketing issues, online marketing strategies, proven tips from fellow members, and more.

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December, 2015

Cooperative databases for the nonprofit sector are not new, but they remain an underutilized tool for many marketers.

A cooperative database is one in which donor transactional data from participating organizations is merged for the mutual marketing benefit of its members. This detailed transactional history provides a multi-dimensional view of donors, their behavior and value.

Robust models are then developed from this data for acquisition, reactivation, optimization, and donor upgrading purposes.

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December, 2010 Beware the Deception of Averages Andy Joyce
December, 2010 Direct Marketing In 2011 and Beyond David Frankland


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