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NYU School of Professional Studies Masters in Integrated Marketing needs people to teach “C-Suite Perspective: Leadership & Integrated Marketing.” You must have a masters degree (does not have to be business) and experience working in the C-Suite, such as being a CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO, etc.

The course is located in Manhattan.

If interested send your resume to Josh Moritz at

Course description below:

“This course focuses on the role of the C-Suite as senior management and how the competing demands of that role shape the divisions and departments of the company and, inevitably, the management and budget for marketing. Key topics will include transformation of the company, growth through acquisition, the impact of the green movement,/sustainable-resource management/social responsibility, and corporate-finance management. These goals will be accomplished through lectures, readings, case-study discussions, and class exercises designed to build students? understanding of the subject matter. The real-world examples and case studies will give students hands-on experience in applying the learning to challenges they will face in their future.”