The 2002 Silver Apple honorees are:

• Tony Ambrose, formerly of the Horah Group
• Regina Brady, Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions
• William Korn, formerly of CC3
• Brian Kurtz, Boardroom Inc.
• Joan Oppenheimer, Design Distributors
• Donn Rappaport, American List Council
• Ray Roel, MRM Partners Worldwide

Each year a special Corporate Silver Apple Award is presented to a company that has enthusiastically supported the Club and direct marketing in New York. The award goes to DM News, New York, NY.


Tony Ambrose, formerly of the Horah Group

Tony came to direct marketing in 1964, accepting a position with Time Inc.  His assignment was to use, what today would be considered, a very primitive computerized list query system to help Life ad salesmen send timely promotions to customers and prospects. This innovative use of computers captured Tony’s imagination, and, in his spare time, he taught himself to program them.

At the age of 42, Tony took the big step of giving up a snug vice-presidency as an in-house techie with a well known computer service bureau for the chance to do outside sales for another well known computer service bureau.  Subsequent positions with several companies further widened his direct marketing experience as he became involved with providing creative services and with handling the printing of direct mail packages.  His career also included a short stint as a list manager.  Tony’s last “employee” job was with Texas Direct, a full-service direct mail production agency, where he spent 10 years, first opening and then running their New York area sales office.

In 1994, Tony found himself once again in the job market.  With a thrill of adventure, he decided to start his own business.  He named it Direct Mail Production Servicesand hoped the name would tell the story.  Things worked out very well, and this personal venture allowed Tony to operate as an independent representative for over seven years until he retired in 2002.  Curiously, although he had originally represented five companies, when he retired he was working almost entirely with just one, The Horah Group.  When Tony finally closed shop, it was Horah that gave him a retirement party which was much appreciated.

During his career, Tony was very active in local industry clubs and charities. He sometimes took onto his plate more than he knew how to chew, but, in the end, he made a lot of friends, helped solve some problems, and helped get a bunch of things done that needed doing.  He believes the tradeoff was more than worth while.

Tony and his wife are now permanently relocated to a small town in southern New Hampshire.


Reggie Brady, Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions

Reggie is President of her own e-marketing and direct marketing consultancy, Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions.  She provides strategic email marketing, direct marketing and integrated marketing consulting services. She was previously with FloNetwork as Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships where she built strategic relationships with major marketing entities to extend FloNetwork’s reach and service offerings in the interactive and email marketing space.

Prior to that she led the Internet direct marketing initiatives for Acxiom/Direct Media.  Brady announced the introduction of Email Campaign Management as a solution to marketers who wish to exploit email marketing to both develop customer loyalty and to drive new qualified traffic to web sites.

She came to Acxiom/ Direct Media with more than 11 years at CompuServe where she was responsible for the strategic development and management of e-commerce, interactive advertising, and direct marketing activities. Ms. Brady established the strategic direction for CompuServe’s Electronic Mall, one of the first interactive venues to promote shopping and electronic commerce online.  Prior to CompuServe, Brady Reggie held senior positions at leading direct marketing companies including Hearst, Columbia House, and Margrace.

She is a leading authority on Internet direct marketing, bringing over 20 years of “hands on” marketing experience.  Her book, Cybermarketing: Your Interactive Marketing Consultant, was published by NTC, and she was a contributor to Net Success: 24 Leaders in Web Commerce Show You How to Put the Web to Work for Your Business. Brady serves on the DMA’s Ethic’s Policy Committee which is responsible for studying and maintaining ethical business practices for the industry. Brady also serves on AIM’s Council for Responsible Email and NYU’s Center for Direct Marketing Board of Advisors.

A respected industry leader, Reggie is also a frequent spokesperson at trade conferences and has lectured on interactive direct marketing on the college and masters degree level.


William Korn, formerly of CC3

Bill’s career in direct marketing began more than 40 years ago at Time Inc.  He worked at Time Inc. for 11 years in various positions, including Director of Data Processing for Life Circulation Company and later as one of several Assistant Circulation Managers in Life Magazine’s circulation department.  He served under DMA Hall of Famer J. Wendell Forbes who served as a mentor to Bill as well as to a number of other young direct marketers who went on to succeed in our industry.  With Wendell’s endorsement in  1962, Bill developed the first computerized “Source Evaluation System,” which today is known as “Lifetime Value.”

In late 1969, Bill founded LCS Industries Inc., which became one of the country’s largest and most successful direct marketing computer service companies.  As founder,  Executive Vice President, and Chairman, he was responsible for every  aspect of the company’s development  and growth.  In 1980, he sold his stock to insiders and moved on to new challenges.

In 1981, Bill Korn joined the list side of our business and was employed by the Computer Directions Group where he became President of a start-up division, Data Base Management.  Data Base Management still exists today as a division of  Marketing Services Inc.

Bill started Marketing Communication Systems Inc. in 1985 in partnership with the owners of Communication Concepts Inc.  MCS became one of the leading database applications service providers for many of the country’s largest marketers, including such companies as Merck, AIG, McGraw Hill, RIA, and others. In 2001, the Communications Concepts Group changed its name to CC3 for marketing reasons, and he became its Vice Chairman.  In July of 2002, CC3 was sold to an investment group, and Bill retired in August.

Over the years, Bill Korn has been a member and participant in many of the DMA Councils and has been a speaker at numerous DMA sponsored sessions. He is a native New Yorker and currently lives with his wife Kris in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


Brian Kurtz, Boardroom Inc.

Brian has spent 22 years helping Boardroom Inc. become an industry leader in newsletter and book publishing, in-house list management, and state-of-the-art direct marketing.  During that period, revenues at Boardroom have gone from approximately $5MM to nearly $100MM; and Bottom Line/Personal, the company’s fastest growing newsletter, has gone from approximately 100M subscribers to over 1 million, making it the largest in America.  Boardroom also publishes leading edge newsletters in the categories of health, retirement, and taxes. In addition, Boardroom is one of the largest sellers of one-shot mail order books in the country.

Brian’s contacts and influence span all aspects of direct marketing including the list industry, the U.S. Postal Service, direct marketing educators, the Newsletter Publishers Association, The Direct Marketing Association, leading copywriters and creative people, government affairs, and many other trade groups and industry organizations.  Brian has been especially active in direct marketing education.  He is a frequent speaker at industry events, a contributor to the trade press, and a regular guest lecturer for the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation.  He eagerly participates in courses at colleges, universities, and various direct marketing programs.  In 1989, he taught a full semester undergraduate course in direct marketing at his alma mater, Rutgers University.

Brian graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Rutgers in 1980 with a B.A. in English and departmental honors.  And while he holds no graduate degrees, he has been mentored and trained by some of America’s most respected direct marketers including Dick Benson, Martin Edelston, Lee Epstein, Dave Florence, and Gordon Grossman.

Brian resides in Westport, Connecticut with his wife Robin and two children, Alex (14) and Madeline (11).


Joan Oppenheimer, Design Distributors

Joan was raised in Westchester County and New York City. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, she spent several years in a family business before moving into book publishing as a production assistant at Thomas Y Crowell, a publisher of children’s books.  After her tenure at Crowell, Joan became the Production Manager at Random House, Knopf and finally moved on to McGraw college text book department.

In 1972, Joan shifted to sales in book manufacturing for Arcata Garphics, and, in 1978, she moved into direct marketing by selling plastic envelopes and machinery for Automated Packaging Systems, the inventor of the automated machineable poly envelope.  She remained in the DM industry until 1988.   Looking for new challenges, Joan moved to the print/lettershop end of the industry as VP Sales & Mktg. with Thompson Mailing, Mailmen, Federal Direct, and now as Sales Manager for Design Distributors, Inc.

Always giving of her time to charities and our industry, Joan has been an active member of MASA and the DMCNY for 25 years.  She was a DMCNY board member from 1995-2000 where she has chaired several committees.  Joan taught courses on polybagging to users both here and in Europe.  She helped raise money for NY area charities such as Make a Wish, Marty Lyons Foundation, and, soon, Windows of Hope-all benefiting children on behalf of the DMCNY.

She currently resides in New York City, but is soon moving to Monroe, NY.


Donn Rappaport, American List Counsel, Inc.

Donn is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American List Counsel, Inc., the industry’s leading, full-service mailing list and database broker, manager, and compiler.  With 25 years in the mailing list, database, direct, and Internet marketing business, Mr. Rappaport is the key architect of his organization’s outstanding record of success.  ALC was included on the “Inc 500” list of fastest growing companies in the country for three consecutive years.  ALC clients include the leaders in virtually every category of business, including some of the most successful direct marketing organizations in the world: from financial institutions, such as Citicorp, Chase, and American Express, to such telecommunication companies as AT&T and MCI Worldcom; from retailers, such as Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Bergdorf Goodman, to such mail order catalog marketers as Eddie Bauer, Hammacher Schlemmer, Williams Sonoma, and Harry and David; and from publishers, such as Readers’ Digest, Meredith Publishing, Dow Jones, Forbes, and McGraw-Hill, to such non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Planned Parenthood, and Amnesty International. Widely regarded as the leading proponent of innovation in the industry, ALC was one of the organizations that spearheaded the evolution from mailing lists to information marketing.

Before forming ALC, Donn was General Manager of Schwab-Beatty, the direct response marketing division of Marsteller Advertising, the industry’s first dedicated direct response advertising agency.

A frequent speaker and writer on data marketing, Mr. Rappaport is a member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Marketing Association and serves on its Executive Committee as well.  He is the author of the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) List Leaders’ Basic Training Program, a one-day workshop for people new to the data marketing business.  He is a past Chairman of both List Day and Direct Marketing Day.  He served on the DMA Environmental Task Force and was a contributing author of the DMA’s Environmental Resource for Direct Marketing.  In 1999, Mr. Rappaport received the DMA’s prestigious  “List Leader of the Year” award.

A graduate of Penn State, Mr. Rappaport lives with his wife and six children in Princeton, New Jersey.


Ray Roel, MRM Partners Worldwide

As Director of Worldwide System Development for MRM Partners Worldwide, Ray remembers joining the then fledgling unit of McCann-Erickson Worldwide more than six years ago and marveling at the unparalleled global network of the McCann advertising agency. And each year, as his duties grew, so did the fortunes of MRM Partners Worldwide. Today, he is honored to be a member of an extraordinary management team that has grown MRM Partners Worldwide to be among the top relationship marketing agency networks in the world, consistently winning more ECHO Awards in recent years than any other agency. Along the way, he has helped on new business, corporate communications, acquisitions, and website and intranet development.

Before MRM Partners Worldwide, during his six years at Ogilvy (then O&M Direct), Ray helped lead communications efforts for then Worldwide Chairman Jerry Pickholz and Creative Chief Stan Winston. And still close to his heart are the eight years he served at Hoke Communications as Editor of Direct Marketing magazine, the Friday Report newsletter, and Fund Raising Management magazine.

Professional volunteer assignments along the way include helping to plan McCann-Erickson’s 100th anniversary charitable outreach.  He also served as a member of the DMA ECHO Award Committee, DMA PR Committee, and Direct Marketing Club of New York’s Board of Trustees, and he was the PR Committee Leader at DMDNY and served as President of LIDMA.

Personal activities of note include being a Cub Scout den leader, Sunday school teacher and church vestry member, father of two extremely wonderful sons, and a devoted husband to the best person on earth.


DM News – Corporate Award Winner

DM News, “The Newspaper of Record for Direct Marketers,” was founded in 1979 by Adrian Courtenay, who remains CEO.  Its mission was to fill the need for professional reporting of the direct marketing discipline, which was poised for an explosive and extended growth trajectory which has lasted to the present day.  Enthusiastically embraced by readers and advertisers alike, the paper was upgraded first to a twice monthly frequency an shortly thereafter to a weekly in order to keep pace with the many innovations by direct marketers in their markets, media and technology.

Over the years, DM News has reflected the changing face of direct marketing by introducing in-depth sections, supplements and standalone titles focusing on hot trends, new technologies and new market niches.  In 23 years, the list of topics receiving pioneering coverage from DM News has included B to B Marketing, Database Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Internet and Web Marketing, International Direct Marketing, TeleServices, just to name a few.

In 1999, DM News spun out the monthly iMarketing News, which was expanded to a weekly in year 2000, carrying thousands of pages of advertisements.  Following the collapse of the so-called New Economy, it became evident that e-mail marketing and Internet marketing had become so well accepted by diret marketers that they were thoroughly incorporated and integrated into the direct marketing mix.  And so iMarketing News was merged back into DM News as a weekly section where it had originated years earlier.

As part of the merger, the unduplicated names of 10,000 Internet marketers were added to the DM News list, brining the DM News circulation to 50,000.  In 2002, the DM News brand extends far beyond the weekly print edition.  A highly targed web site attracts over 50,000 unique visitors per month and generates millions of ad impressions per year.  The e-mail newsletter DMNews-iMarketing News Daily is a major source of news for 17,000 opt-in readers, while thousands more are served by CRM Weekly and E-Mail Marketing Weekly.

In 2002, DM News continues to lead its field in readership, ad pages and innovation, and is overwhelmingly selected by marketers and Internet marketers as their “primary source of industry news” and “must-read” publication.