The Direct Marketing Club of New York chose seven individuals and one company as the 2005 Silver Apple Award recipients. The awards were presented during the Silver Apple Awards luncheon November 4 at the New York Hilton.

The Silver Apples Awards honor our industry’s most distinguished achievers. Direct Marketers who have not only made strides within their areas of expertise, but who have also generously contributed their time and talents to the industry for 25 years or more to the New York direct marketing community.

The 2005 Silver Apple honorees are:

• Ken Altman, Vice President, MKTG Services
• Kay Cassidy, Vice President of Sales, 3 Friends Marketing
• JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, President & CEO, Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions
• Robert Edmund, CEO, Edmund Optics, Inc.
• Joe Furgiuele, President, FCI
• Murray Miller, Senior Advisor to the President and CEO, American Express
• Chris Paradysz, CEO, Paradysz Matera

Each year a special Corporate Silver Apple Award is presented to a company that has enthusiastically supported the Club and direct marketing in New York. The award goes to Boardroom Inc., Stamford, CT.

Ralph Stevens, a 1990 Silver Apple recipient, served as Master of Ceremonies. Special presentations were also made in remembrance of database marketing guru Mike Buoncristiano, who died January 16, mailing list legend Ed Burnett, who died February 25, and distinguished copywriter Ed McLean, who died August 13.

Ken Altman, Vice President, MKTG Services

Ken has been in the direct marketing industry for over 40 years. He began his career in 1963 at McGraw-Hill (Breskin Publishing Division). As an associate direct mail manager, he oversaw and managed subscription marketing efforts and list rental for a number of business magazines. In 1965 he moved to Lewis Kleid Company where he supported account executives with mailing campaigns for publishing and club membership clients.

Following his years at Lewis Kleid Company, Ken spent two years at Rapp Collins as a direct mail list coordinator where he recommended, ordered and analyzed lists for agency direct mail clients. He then spent two more years at Altman Typographers.

From 1970 to the present, he has held positions at SDI List Management where he helped clients achieve maximum list rental profitability utilizing highly successful break-through sales techniques and methodologies which have become standard in today’s industry, Woodruff-Stevens & Associates where he was responsible for acquiring new list management clients, Omni List Marketing which he founded and operated until its sale to Uni-Mail, Inc., and GMI/Uni-Mail where he headed the list management division.

He is currently Vice President at MKTG Services, formerly Stevens-Knox, where he is responsible for new client acquisition, seeking and securing list rental revenue opportunities and developing data management and sales. Ken holds a degree in Advertising & Printing from NYC Technical College. He is married with two children and one grandchild and resides in Manalapan, New Jersey.


Kay Cassidy, Vice President of Sales, 3 Friends Marketing

Kay grew up in Marion, Indiana. She entered the direct marketing industry in 1972 handling continuity processing at Listfax, Inc., a computer service bureau in Pelham, NY. (Listfax became LCS Industries and eventually moved to Weehawken, NJ.) In 1975, she moved to Direct Media where she worked in the newly formed Business List Compilation division. The division was sold to CCX in Conway, AR and then to Market Data Retrieval in CT.

In 1980, Kay joined Uni-Mail List Corporation as president of a new division, Uni-Mail Commercial, a business compilation company. In 1985, she became the Administrative Vice President and General Manager of the company.

In 1999, Kay joined PlasmaNet, Inc., home of several Internet game websites, where she worked for Kevin Aronin as Director of Customer Service. Her responsibilities included supervising a department of e-mail customer service reps.

Kay is currently the Vice President of Sales for 3 Friends Marketing, a very small list management company, with only one giant list of nurses being managed. The other two friends are Bob and Joan Castle. She served on the board of directors of the Direct Marketing Club of NY in the early 90’s and was on the board on the occasion of the first Silver Apple Awards luncheon. She also was on the board of directors of Advertising Women of New York. Kay is the mother of two grown sons. She has two wonderful daughters-in-law and six grandchildren.


JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, President & CEO, Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions

JoAnne is currently President and CEO of Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions, LLC, a company she founded in 2001. Drawing on 25 years of experience, her vision was to create a pioneering company that would provide a new category of decision-making tools to the direct marketing industry. “With my background in list management, and my recent experience in credit and risk management, I saw that new ‘blended’ solutions focusing on consumer performance were needed in this changing business.”

Alliant made inroads quickly by showing that risk-management solutions could be used to predict profit and response. In 2004, with TransactionBase, JoAnne delivered a DM-specific credit data resource that was the first in the industry to integrate the complete house file transactions of major marketers. Extending that success, JoAnne directed the development of DecisionBase360™, a campaign management database that allows non-credit mailers to segment and target lists using a consumer’s predicted profitability.

Under her leadership, a team of industry experts — including her husband, cofounder and business partner, Gregory Dunn – continues to develop new analytics-based solutions. The company does not sell mailing lists, but rather seeks to help marketers enhance all their efforts through access to rich multi-enterprise views of individual consumer histories in direct marketing transactions. JoAnne credits the drive to innovate to her team. “I have learned that you can reach success easier and faster when you surround yourself with the best people and allow them to create, work, and achieve. My job is to provide the resources and support they need to thrive.”

JoAnne has exhibited a broad entrepreneurial streak in all her undertakings. Her career positions include analyst at Time-Life, Inc. where she eventually earned a position in direct mail management, director of marketing operations at Norman Rockwell Museum and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Credit Index. It was at Mal Dunn Associates, where JoAnne served as leader of their list management division, that she polished her style as a direct and forthright executive with a collaborative and strategic approach to tackling business challenges.

A creative and energetic promoter of direct marketing interests, JoAnne is a long-time friend and advisor to the Direct Marketing Club of New York. She is a past president of the Club and was a board member from 1994 to 2000. She currently serves on the board of the Direct Marketing Education Foundation, and is president and board member of the Direct Marketing Day Foundation. She is a long-time member of the Direct Marketing Association’s List and Database Counsel and was recently appointed to the DMA’s Ethics and Policy Committee. She was awarded the Mal Dunn Leadership Award in 2004 from the Direct Marketing Club of New York.

JoAnne makes her home with husband Greg and their two children, Kaitlin and Alexander, in Patterson, NY. Throughout her career, she has supported the direct marketing industry through her vision and belief in mentoring the professionalism and expertise of individuals involved in the industry. JoAnne is honored to share the Silver Apple with colleagues past and present who have supported her success.


Robert Edmund, CEO, Edmund Optics, Inc.    

Robert joined Edmund Scientific in 1970 as an Accounting and Personnel Manager working along with his parents who founded the business in 1942. He then moved to Operations Manager in 1971 and upon his parent’s retirement in 1975, Robert succeeded his father as President. In this role he eventually reorganized the company into two divisions; Consumer Science and Industrial Optics. He then graduated to the company’s CEO in 1997 and was elected Chairman, Board of Directors in 1998.

The Industrial Optics business is currently a $65+ million global enterprise with operations in the USA, Japan, UK, Germany, China, and Singapore. The Consumer Science Division was sold in January 2001 to Science Kit, a Division of VWR. Robert currently serves as CEO of Edmund Optics and as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Robert has been active in the Direct Marketing Association since the late 1970’s when he served as Chairman of the Catalog Council. He also served on the Ethics Committee from 1979 to 1983. In 1990 he was elected to the DMA Board of Directors and went on to serve as Treasurer, Vice Chairman and finally Chairman (1996-1997). He also received a lifetime achievement award for his work on the Government Affairs and PAC Committee.

Robert is a past president of the Direct Marketing Idea Exchange, a 100 member luncheon/discussion group which meets bi-monthly at The New York Yale Club. He has also served on several non-profit boards including Georgetown University Library Associates (1988-1999), University of Arizona Steward Laboratories Advisors (1998-Present) and The Kenai River Sportfishing Association Board of Directors (1999-2003).

In his local community in Barrington, NJ, Robert served as a member of the Lions Club and as President of the Barrington Business Association. He is currently a member of the Barrington Economic Development Committee and an instructor for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. He has also been a guest instructor at NYU’s Center for Direct Marketing.


Joe Furgiuele, President, FCI

Forming FURGIUELE & COMPANY, Inc. (FCI) in 1984, Joseph set out to create a hybrid service – a blend of consulting and agency – of direct marketing expertise and implementation capability. For over 20 years, FCI has been helping direct marketers analyze data, generate information, and create the knowledge to drive their marketing efforts forward – through consulting services, custom designed software solutions, and most importantly, real direct marketing knowledge and experience!

FCI has done planning, implementation and/or analytical projects for American Express Publishing, BMI, Boardroom, Inc., Chase Manhattan Bank, Cond Nast, Disney Publishing Worldwide, IBM, March of Dimes, NBCi, Primedia, Scholastic, Symantec Corporation, U.S. News & World Report, Ziff-Davis Media and many others.

As Circulation Marketing Director of CBS Magazines’ Leisure Magazine Group, Joseph and his staff were responsible for all circulation activities of Field & Stream, Cuisine, and Mechanix Illustrated. He also consolidated all list rental activities for CBS’ then 11 consumer magazines under in-house list management increasing their list rental revenue by more than 600%. Before joining CBS, he was an account executive with The Kleid Company, Inc., a list brokerage firm where he was responsible for list analysis, segmentation and recommendation.

Joe has served on the board of the Direct Marketing Club of New York, a member of the DMA Circulation Council Operating Committee and co-organizer of Circulation Day, DMA List Council Operating Committee and advisory committee for several List Day events. He is also a frequent speaker at DMA Council activities and conferences, and other industry conclaves and has taught courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY) and the Masters Program in Direct Marketing at NYU.

Besides his industry involvement, Joe has been very active in his local community. He is an active parishioner at Annunciation Catholic church in the Crestwood section of Yonkers, a member of the Parish Finance Council for the past 25 years, and a founding member of the Crestwood Civic Association. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and Communications from Pace University.

1984 was a big year for Joe both professionally and personally. He and his wife Ann were married on New Years Day, the business started in September, and daughter Joanna followed in October. Joanna is now a senior at the University of Montana in Missoula. Ann & Joe would be getting used to being “empty-nesters”, however, with three parents, a dog, and the office all in the house, the nest isn’t exactly empty!


Murray Miller, Senior Advisor to the President and CEO, American Express 

Murray Miller, who celebrates his 50th year in Direct Marketing, began his career during the 1950’s by founding three specialty book clubs. As these clubs grew they became the foundation for The Deerfield Publishing House, which Murray owned and operated until 1975.

With the introduction of mass produced computers, in the 1960’s Murray received one of the first IBM mainframe computers. Continuing in his entrepreneurial mode, he founded OEI Computer Systems International. Through this company — the first service organization to harness the processing power of newly emerging computers — Murray and his team developed new approaches to integrating data processing and direct marketing. Considered a pioneer in computer processing fulfillment, he was one of the first to envision what would later become an industry standard for successful businesses everywhere.

In the mid-60’s, Murray sensed the critical need for direct marketing professionals worldwide to meet, interact and disseminate ideas that would shape the industry’s future. As a result, he founded the first major International Direct Marketing Symposium in 1968, to give direct marketing professionals the opportunity to gather and share marketing concepts on a global level. Based in Montreaux, Switzerland, the Symposium has attracted thousands of attendees from around the world.

Presently, Murray is Senior Advisor to the Chairman and C.E.O. of American Express. He is one of the top authorities on worldwide direct marketing, particularly its role in the European, Latin American and Japanese marketplace, and he has helped shape American Express’ direct marketing successes both here and abroad.

An advocate of high industry standards, Murray served for many years on the Direct Marketing Association Ethics Committee, and was Chairman of the Direct Marketing Idea Exchange in New York City. A graduate of New York University, he served as Co-Chairman of the Executive Committee of New York University’s Center of Direct Marketing.

Honored for lifetime achievement, in 1992 Murray was inducted into The DMA Hall of Fame.


Chris Paradysz, CEO, Paradysz Matera

Chris was studying for a Masters in speech pathology at Rutgers when he got an opportunity to join a small NYC agency. He started at the bottom, filing data cards and worked his way up. In 1985, he joined American List Counsel and stayed there till 1998 when he opened his own company (Paradysz Group Inc.) with his wife. In 1990, he was joined by his current partner, Angelo Matera. Chris says they are very synergistic in that they both like to eat ethnic foods. He lives in Oyster Bay, Long Island with his wife and 3 children and, in his spare time, he chases the children, helps them with their horseback riding and plays jazz guitar. His version of a bio – here it is?

Ok, I can’t do it. I can’t recount the typical bio. “Winning it”, “Earning it”, is just so NOT about me. What did I do right? Work as hard as I possibly could for as long as I possibly could, listen to everyone around me (good and bad), sleep as little as possible and read as much as I could, from People and Rolling Stone to newsletters in stores, client lobbies and in churches and our clients and books from all points of view. Call someone I don’t know every week or so to ask if I could buy them lunch. Work with the smartest people I could possibly afford. Get clients who would be willing to break the rules and experiment. My education reads like this:


Mom, who taught me to respect and treat everyone the same.
Dad:” if you’re going to do something, you might as well try to be the best.”
My kids: It really is funny. Go ahead and laugh!
Angela, my wife: “Laugh hard and don’t worry about tomorrow.”
Mike Cousineau & Elissa deBrito: The art of partnership and to be yourself.
Donn Rappaport: Don’t sell. Believe.
John Klingel: Know what you know better than anyone.
Dick Benson: Get humble and test it, dammit!
Angelo Matera, longtime friend and partner: Out-think the problem.
Jeff Cohen: Plunge in.
Bob Quigley: Believe that everyone else is smarter than you.
Jan Brandt: If you can’t break the rules, make ‘em up as you go along.

In over 20 years of direct marketing, I’ve worked on teams that have marketed everything, and I’ve learned that understanding people and why they do what they do (aka consumer behavior) is at the heart of figuring out the audience.

From my passion for guitar and jazz, to my degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology, to working at American List Counsel and for ParadyszMatera, it all works to make for one idiosyncratic view of the world.


Boardroom Inc., Corporate Silver Apple Award Winner

Boardroom Inc. was founded in 1972 by Marty Edelston, with just one idea in mind – to deliver useful news in a concise format for the busy executive. Now 75 employees are responsible for approximately $75 million dollars in revenue. Thus, the Stamford, Connecticut based Boardroom Inc. is more productive and efficient than almost any company in America.

The Early Years

Boardroom Inc. began in 1972 in the basement of Marty Edelston’s home. It published Boardroom Reports – a how-to, news-you-can-use (before a well-known magazine usurped that phrase) business newsletter for the busy executive. This was a revolutionary concept in newsletter publishing; mass audience and low prices helped to change the business model for newsletters and set the stage for immense growth for this entrepreneurial startup. The editorial concept and format for Boardroom Reports and all of the newsletters & e-letters to come published by Boardroom, Inc. remain very simple, yet visionary: consistently provide readers with useful information in a clear, concise manner; provide this knowledge in a well-designed, easy to read format; always make sure the information is truly helpful and easily accessible; and accept no outside advertising. That was, and remains one of the most radical visions of the founder, particularly since Edelston was a legendary magazine ad salesman.

Starting a Revolution

In 1981, nine years after the first Boardroom Reports, Bottom Line/Personal began production. It targeted the same audience: busy executives. But in this case, it focused on their personal lives and issues. Bottom Line/Personal quickly became the largest paid circulation newsletter in the United States. Today the newsletter remains at a circulation of over half a million.

Boardroom launched more periodicals over the course of the next seven years: in 1981, Tax Hotline, dedicated to helping individuals with all their tax planning, and in 1987, Health Confidential (now Bottom Line/Health), a health publication providing readers with the best of both mainstream and alternative medicine. Tax Hotline is now the largest tax newsletter in the country with circulation of approximately 75,000, and over 350,000 subscribers turn to Bottom Line/Health for up-to-the-minute information and tips from the world’s leading experts in health and medical sciences.

And during this period, Boardroom began a very successful book division, publishing titles in all of same subjects as the newsletters plus many more.

Establishing Prominence

Once into the 90’s and already established as one of the premier publishing companies in America, Boardroom continued to influence the industry, but now in multiple facets.

With an established core of products and a major database to call upon, Boardroom Inc. began publishing books in much larger numbers with the same mission and vision: valuable information in a concise format. The individually sold books are now responsible for 50% of the company’s revenue base at any one time there are 20 or more active titles. The books are compared favorably with companies many times its size, such as Reader’s Digest and Rodale.

In 1991, founder Marty Edelston developed “I-Power,” a management growth program. The program encourages and rewards employees for their regular ideas to make themselves and the company more productive. With the I-Power’s success, Marty developed I-Power Seminars to teach thousands of individuals from hundreds of companies large and small across the country. Many well-known companies such as Kodak, Ford Motor Company and Rubbermaid have all attended these breakthrough seminars.

In 1993, just as the baby boomers began to reach retirement age, Boardroom launched Bottom Line/Tomorrow, targeted specifically to this mass generation. Tomorrow is now the largest retirement newsletter in the country with circulation over 130,000.

Boardroom recently established themselves on the web with their E-ventures Department. They send out two E-letters, Daily Health News and Bottom Line Secrets, to 850,000 online subscribers and send over 10 million e-mail communications monthly to a loyal online audience.

And just this past year Boardroom launched its fifth newsletter, Bottom Line’ /Natural Healing and the early results are excellent.

From then to now

The Bottom Line/Personal circulation has now reached 560,000 – and remains advertising free. The twice-monthly 16-page newsletter is now in a circulation category with consumer publications {such as the major personal finance magazines, business magazines and close on the heels of the weekly news magazines} – all published by publicly traded companies and painted with advertising.

Each newsletter now includes an advisory team of experts who provide their opinions and advice on their respective fields when called upon to sit in on the monthly Boardroom Dinners, a major source of quality information and news for the company.

Over the years?

Boardroom has achieved unprecedented readership numbers and earned the respect of millions of subscribers, as well as the respect of the entire Direct Marketing industry. Their unique editorial style presents massive amounts of information to its readers in a clear, concise and useful format. They publish over 20 books a year. They remain one of the best – if not the best – pure direct marketing company in the country. They created state-of-the-art database marketing operations that allowed the company to precisely target the best customers for its publications; therefore they can compete with much larger companies in the industry. Their in-house list management department is acknowledged as the best in the industry. They regularly mail 50-100 million pieces of promotional mail per year for Boardroom’s books and newsletters. And their EVentures division rivals most of the online divisions of the largest publications in the industry.

When it comes to trailblazing and pioneering, Boardroom is in a class by itself. They do everything to be the best direct marketers they can be?and then they share all they learn with all who ask.

Boardroom’s innovations in creative, editorial, product development, staff development, are unparalleled in direct marketing?and they combine all of that innovation with generosity, guidance and fairness. Boardroom gives back regularly through donations to direct marketing education and political causes and charitable causes that affect the industry. Boardroom also hosts events for the industry’s benefit. They publish books that have gone out of print but are critical to direct marketing education and constantly find ways to do good (deeds) while doing well for themselves. It’s a very special place.