William R. Denhard

William “Bill” Denhard was hired by McGraw-Hill, Inc. in 1966, for its management training program.  His 36-year career there encompassed assignments in diverse areas including finance, research, conferences and seminars and list rental management. For 25 years, Bill worked in McGraw-Hill’s List Management Center, where he held a variety of administrative positions including Director, with responsibility for all domestic and international list rental activities and marketing databases. He also served on two McGraw-Hill executive policy committees involved with privacy and ecological issues.

Following retirement from McGraw-Hill in 2002, Bill became the executive director of the Direct Marketing Day Foundation (DMDF) until its alignment with the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMDF), now Marketing EDGE, in 2005.   DMDF funded direct marketing student programs, scholarships and teaching aids to greater New York area college and university students.  For several additional years, Bill continued to work at Marketing EDGE assisting in the programming and logistics of its Student Career Forums.  He now serves as a committee member of The Lee Epstein Fund, an endowed student-focused fund within Marketing EDGE.

Bill was and continues to be very industry involved.  He served on the Direct Marketing Days in New York (DMDNY) Educational Committee for more than 15 years, serving as chair of many student-related events.  He was also on the board of FEDMA [Federation of European Direct Marketing Associations] for three years, as the United States representative of this Brussels-based organization.  Additionally, Bill has been an active member of the DMA [Direct Marketing Association], speaking at events and volunteering for operating committee responsibilities on several DMA councils.  He is also a charter member of OGLE.

For decades, Bill has been a dedicated supporter of the Direct Marketing Club of New York (DMCNY).  He was a board member and advisor for more than 25 years, serving as president in 1990.  In 1994, the DMCNY awarded him with its Silver Apple, and he was the 2000 recipient of the club’s Mal Dunn Leadership Award.

Bill is a graduate of Monmouth University and the proud father of a daughter, Deanna, a son, Christopher (C.J.) and a daughter-in law, Jessica.  He now travels frequently, especially to Arkansas, to spent time with his teenage grandsons, Brandon and Perry.




Jennifer Barrett Glasgow, CIPP, Chief Privacy Officer Emeritus, Acxiom Corporation

Since 1991 Jennifer Barrett Glasgow has served as Acxiom Corporation’s chief privacy officer, leading the company’s global public policy and information practices. During that time she developed their global approach to information governance, compliance with legal regulations and industry guidelines, consumer affairs, government affairs and related public relations.  She has also participated in numerous domestic and international efforts to develop information policy and industry codes of conduct.

She was recognized by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) as the profession’s first chief privacy officer and in 2011 was IAPP’s Vanguard winner, the highest recognition given by the association of more than 25,000 members worldwide for her leadership, knowledge and involvement in the field.

In January 2016, she moved to Emeritus status where she now advises Acxiom on various strategic initiatives and pursues some personal and professional activities outside Acxiom. She continues to be extremely active consulting with clients and advising policy makers and government agencies about the ethical use of information. She is also a regular speaker at both public and private sector events.

Jennifer currently serves on the (U.S.) Direct Marketing Association Board of Directors and its Privacy Shield Arbitration Committee.  She is treasurer for the Foundation for Information Accountability and Governance, and serves on the IAPP Education Advisory Board.  She has lectured at the University of Texas, George Mason University, and the University of Arkansas in Little Rock and in Fayetteville. She is active with her alma mater on the UT Chancellor’s Council as well as the Advisory Councils for the College of Natural Science and the Mathematics Department.  She was also elected to the Arkansas Academy of Computing.

Jennifer joined Acxiom after receiving a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Texas and developing a criminal justice highway safety information system for the State of Arkansas. Prior to stepping into the privacy role at Acxiom, she developed marketing systems, managed account services and lead business development activities for the company.


Thomas J. Benton, CEO, DMA
@TJBenton | @DMA_USA

Thomas J. Benton is the chief executive officer of DMA [Direct Marketing Association]. With an impressive career across a variety of data-driven marketing environments, including as senior vice president of marketing analysis for America Online, Benton is steeped in industry knowledge. Since joining DMA in 2012 as chief financial officer/chief operating officer, he has led the development of the association’s transformation and strategic plan, an innovative focus on data as the fuel for the marketing industry’s future, and the reinvention of DMA’s portfolio of industry events and resources. Benton also has fortified important financial performance indicators and systems, and created a more nimble and variable staffing model to strengthen DMA and better serve its members.

Before joining DMA, Benton spent several years as a financial consultant and philanthropist. In addition to helping individuals and businesses with financial, business, and marketing analyses, he served as treasurer and board member at Helping Children Worldwide (HCW), a nonprofit organization that founded The Child Rescue Center and Mercy Hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone.  His commitment to doing good continues at DMA where he has advanced a “purpose beyond profit” strategy for DMA programming to showcase numerous organizations and innovators that seek to bring human solutions and opportunities to the underserved in the world.

Previously, Benton was senior vice president, marketing analysis, at America Online, where he built and ran AOL Marketing’s financial planning and business intelligence functions. In this role, he oversaw several of AOL Marketing’s business units, including financial planning; business, mergers and acquisitions analyses; marketing systems and data mining; member acquisition and retention analysis; and marketing research. Concurrent with this role, Benton served for nearly two years as acting chief financial officer to the president of AOL programming. During his tenure, paying membership at AOL grew tenfold – from three million to nearly 30 million.


Buell Duncan, Vice President, Portfolio Marketing, IBM
@BGDuncanIII | @IBMforMarketing

With extensive global leadership experience in the technology industry including general management, sales and marketing, Buell Duncan is passionate about agile marketing transformation, client journey experience, meaningful content and business impact. As vice president, portfolio marketing, IBM, Buell is responsible for worldwide marketing across IBM’s software, services and systems businesses.  Buell leads a team of more than 2,500 marketing professionals responsible for market and offering management, demand generation, channel marketing and digital engagement.

He has held various management positions including general manager, IBM ISV and Developer Relations; general manager, AS/400; general manager, Global Business Partners. He has extensive international experience and has lived in Paris, France, where he was vice president, IBM Systems Sales across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Buell is a member of IBM’s Growth & Transformation Team consisting of senior leaders from across the corporation. He is a member of the Sirius Decisions Client Advisory Board, Direct Marketing Association Board of Directors and the ALSAC Professional Advisory Council, St Jude Children’s Hospital.  Buell is a past board member of the Marymount School in Paris, France, and Walters Art Gallery Baltimore, Maryland.  He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and currently resides in Ridgefield, Connecticut.


Nina La France, Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing & Business Development, Forbes Media

As senior vice president, consumer marketing & business development at Forbes Media, Nina La France leads the team responsible for all consumer marketing efforts and related functions for Forbes’ print and digital publications including Forbes, ForbesLife, and Forbes Asia. In addition, she directs various lines of business such as Forbes’ investing newsletters platform, content licensing/reprints, wine club and book publishing.

In a career spanning more than 30 years, Nina’s experience has taken her coast-to-coast and back again and includes consumer, B-to-B, print and digital media.  Previously, she has held these positions, among others:  publisher of Arizona Highways magazine; senior vice president, marketing & operations at Red Herring Communications; and corporate circulation director at Crain Communications.

Throughout her career, Nina has been described by those around her as a transformative leader who is compassionate, committed, creative and entrepreneurial.

She was presented Women in Periodical Publishing’s Exceptional Woman in Publishing Circulation Mentor award in 2008 and has served on boards and committees for numerous professional and civic organizations.  In 2015, she was awarded the Media and Content Marketing Association Lee C William Award for her outstanding contribution to the periodical publishing field.  Nina is also known to be a guest speaker for various organizations and events.


Cyndi Lee

Senior Vice President, Sales & Strategic Development, Specialists Marketing Services

When today’s digital marketers were just learning to crawl, Cyndi Lee launched her promising career in direct marketing.  She got her start before the dawn of the Internet — in 1984 — as an alternative media and card deck specialist at Direct Media. With a bubbly personality and exceptional customer service skills, Cyndi quickly was promoted to the sales-oriented list management division. As business prospered in publishing’s mid-90s heyday, Cyndi was promoted to vice president to help develop Direct Media’s new publishing list management group and spearheaded its marquee accounts including IMP, Newsweek, Reiman (now Trusted Media Brands) and Southern Progress.

In 1996, Acxiom acquired Direct Media and Cyndi was tapped to manage the firm’s international list division in London, UK. By 1998, Cyndi returned to the states — the Internet boom afoot — and she supported the launch of while diving in on “dot com” lead gen, supporting key clients, among them and

Cyndi is known for her business development expertise, having helped companies such as ALC and RMI Direct Marketing establish and nurture blue-chip portfolios in the publishing, retail and non-profit verticals. Currently, Cyndi is senior vice president, sales & strategic development with Specialists Marketing Services, continuing her work with major marketing organizations such as Belvoir Media Group, Forbes Media, Veterans of Foreign Wars and National Geographic. Her client service skills extend beyond media management to establish strategic partnerships, build brand equity, and develop innovative products and multichannel solutions.

Cyndi is a world-class networker and gives back to the direct marketing community, beginning with the Direct Marketing Association’s Card Deck Council in the late 1980s. She has also been a member of the DMA (both U.S. and UK), FEDMA (Federation of European Direct Marketing Associations) with additional volunteer assignments on the DMA List & Database Council, DMA New York Nonprofit Conference and the Marketing EDGE Rising Stars.  More recently, became a member of Direct Marketing Fundraising Association.

Cyndi is a long-standing member and advocate of the Direct Marketing Club of New York.  In 2010, she was appointed executive board member, and was named club president in 2012-13. Cyndi has since served as past president, member of the Silver Apple Nominating Committee, the Silver Apple Planning Committee, and co-chairman of the Annual Direct Classic Golf Outing. Cyndi continues to be committed to the DMCNY mission and vision, and helps raise funds for the Club’s educational and scholarship programs.

Aside from her professional contributions, Cyndi gives back personally, too. She and her life partner, Mike, are active dog trainers with Puppies Behind Bars, a nonprofit service organization for wounded war veterans. Cyndi is also a world traveler and humanitarian, having journeyed to 22 countries. Often with large duffle bags of educational and medical supplies in tow, Cyndi is known to visit schools and hospitals in local villages to spread good will.

When Cyndi is not working or traveling the world, she enjoys golf, hiking, being a friend to colleagues and aspiring young professionals, and spending invaluable time with her parents.


Phil Wiland, President and Chairman, Wiland, Inc.

While Phil’s official title may be president and chairman of Wiland, Inc., he would probably prefer to be known by his other job description: entrepreneur and eternal optimist. Phil’s professional life has been defined by industry-changing ideas, unrelenting innovation and an infectious commitment to excellence.

In 1971, after graduating from the University of Missouri and serving in the United States Air Force, Phil formed the first iteration Wiland in Culpeper, VA, first providing computer services to political and charitable fundraisers, and before long, to virtually every segment of direct marketing. By the ‘80s, the company was doing merge/purge and other processing for clients whose combined mail constituted 10 percent of all advertising and fundraising mail entered into the postal stream.

In 1979, when the U.S. Postal Service began offering pre-sort discounts, Phil had already developed the first national directory of postal carrier routes — giving clients a big head start!  Shortly thereafter, Wiland Services announced the Matchmaster Plus merge/purge and mail processing system — the first to use artificial intelligence to purge duplicates from mailing lists while integrating other services such as data overlay and penetration analysis.

DB 2000, one of the first fully integrated customer relationship management systems, followed in the 1980s offering some of the most sophisticated predictive modeling solutions to be used in direct mail, enabling fundraisers and marketers to reach audiences with greater precision and less waste.

In the 1990s, Phil started a new catalog company, Concepts Direct. He and his team launched seven entirely new catalog brands, building them to approximately three million 12-month buyers. The company began generating millions of dollars in online revenue before most companies even had a website.

After selling the catalog company in 2004, Phil assembled the team and built proprietary technology to launch a new consumer intelligence data cooperative. Despite formidable competition, Wiland Direct—now Wiland, Inc. — quickly became known as the leader in predictive analytics and responsive audience modeling. Today, Wiland provides data-driven solutions to more than 3,000 retailers, publishers, charities, and other companies. The Wiland Database contains detailed donation and consumer transaction data representing billions of transactions and trillions in spending.

Phil leads by example in creating the environment that he seeks to foster. He embodies and inspires the simple philosophy displayed on the sign outside his office: Work Hard. Be Nice. Similarly, a ship’s bell is mounted on the wall next to Phil’s office door, honoring another Silver Apple winner, Michael Buoncristiano, who played an integral role in the success of Phil’s companies.



Experian Marketing Services


Experian Marketing Services (Costa Mesa, CA) is a leader in data-driven marketing and cloud-based marketing technology. With more than 30 years of experience in these core areas, the company is committed to helping businesses turn their own data into insight, delivering a complete picture of how their customers think, and what they do in a multichannel, multicultural world, in order to make better business and marketing decisions.

Experian® uniquely offers a comprehensive marketing suite that unites customer insights, analytics, data quality and cross-channel marketing technology into a single platform. Experian Marketing Services gives brands the ability to maximize the value of every customer interaction, and find and engage a company’s most profitable customers across the digital ecosystem through superior analytics and technology.

Backed by highly-rated client services team and “the world’s largest consumer database,” Experian Marketing Services provides more than 10,000 brands in more than 30 countries with unique competitive advantages through marketing services and technology. The company operates from a set of bedrock information values that define Experian’s culture and touch every corner of the business. Experian’s extended legacy in data security, management and consumer privacy has earned the trust of organizations and consumers from around the world. For more information, please visit