Thank you for taking the time to review our DMCNY sponsorship options. You may be asking: Why should my company become a sponsor of this organization?

That I can tell you in a few brief points!

EDUCATION – You will be supporting Direct Marketing Education! Considered among the most established direct marketing organizations in the country, DMCNY provides educational opportunities for professional marketers at all levels. Informative luncheons, master classes, and events are designed specifically to explore the latest topics, and trends – preparing any marketer for up to the minute innovations. Your company can help foster and promote marketing education across our industry.

NETWORKING – You can be an integral part of our many exclusive, and co-produced networking events that happen in and around New York City. Networking is considered one of the top benefits of professional associations – and DMCNY sponsorship gives your company the presence and social capital that is so crucial in business today.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP – Many of our sponsor packages include the ability to provide content through our DMCNY newsletter “Postings”. Do you have editorial content that you want to share with our targeted audience? We provide the vehicle for you to become a trusted addition to our group of industry leaders.

OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE BACK – You will be among a stellar line-up of companies that give back to our industry. By sponsoring DMCNY you will be among notables that consistently and generously give back to help our fellow marketers enhance their careers, recognize their achievements, and celebrate their successes.

EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS – Even if you occasionally attend our events – sponsorship on any level is a great value! We have designed our sponsorship packages to maximize the benefits while providing the utmost in value so that you can attend, and participate in our events at a sponsor’s rate.

We hope you will consider becoming a DMCNY sponsor! The benefits are plenty, and the rewards are great. We look forward to welcoming you as a sponsor – and giving you the recognition, benefits and service you deserve.